Divine Healing

Divine Healing was a channelled gift through Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire, to assist in the awakening of humanity. Ahlmeirah originally qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1994, practising in Dublin until 1998, specialising in casualty, paediatrics, psychiatry and general practice. She left medicine after a proudly spiritual experience, beginning here journey as an intuitive healer and teacher.


Divine Healing helps to heal your blocks and programs that keep you from not manifesting what you want in your life, and release your true gifts and qualities. This healing allows you to reconnect to your real self.

Divine healing is a multi-dimensional healing tool that brings empowered and enlightened reconnection to your own divine self. Divine healing by-passes the mind and stories, and allows you to connect to your feelings, so healing can take place.

Just some of the areas concerned can be typically phobias, hidden subconscious ego agendas, judgements and beliefs, ancestral emotional healing, past life experiences, sabotages, trauma and shock, DNA/genetically eroded programs, sexual and emotional abuse, toxic parenting, relationships and judgement of self.

When we can acknowledge our issues, we are taking steps towards healing them. Feeling begins the healing.

These sessions can be conducted remotely by one on one video call, using Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime.