Vortex Healing®

Vortex Healing works on all aspects of the Body, Mind & Spirit. VortexHealing is incredibly effective in releasing the roots of the conditioning that keeps us stuck in our issues. Most of these patterns have actually been held & expressed through many lifetimes, so they are very ingrained which we hold in our (karmic body). Most healing arts work with the divine energy but do not access divine consciousness. Although divine energy is pure healing energy, it is divine consciousness that transforms the roots of the consciousness of separateness. You need something that can release the experience of separateness, which is the very root of these patterns & the food that feeds them. Vortex Healing is presently taught around the world by certified teachers, and there are Vortex Practitioners in all of these countries.

The lineage began with a man named Mehindra, who lived about 5000 years ago. He was not a typical karmic human being. He was an avatar, which is a direct incarnation of the Divine in a human form. Each avatar brings a unique aspect of the divine to human kind, and Mehindra's role was to manifest magical transformation.

Vortex Healing arrived thousands of years later. In 753BC, there was a man living in England who was close to enlightenment, and he received the gift of Vortex Healing through the Divine manifestation of Mehindra, who presented himself as 'Merlin'.  Merlin was chosen because when spoken it was the closest word vibrationally that matched the quality of this profound transformation.

By using Vortex Healing, this man from England was able to become enlightened and then passed it on to other teachers by direct conscious transmission. And so began the Merlin lineage and the beginning of Vortex Healing.

Through the ages, this lineage was lost and rediscovered many times until in November 1994 Ric Weinman, a full-time healer heard the voice of Merlin. The voice of Merlin the Divine Expression gave him his first transmission, which would allow him to re-start and teach Vortex Healing. Ric soon began giving Vortex Healing sessions with amazing results, and once people heard about it they wanted to also learn. Ric began teaching others and his first Vortex Healing class was in Tucson Arizona, where he lived. 

Today, Vortex Healing is taught around the world by teachers selected by Ric. Vortex Healing continues to evolve as human consciousness evolves.