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Juice Fasting Deep Tissue Cleansing

There are a variety of levels and programs available to suit everyone's needs, from light cleanses using Raw Foods, to Deep Tissue Cleansing, or variations are possible for special requirements. There are a total of four basic programs, and you can start at the beginning and work to any level and your own speed;  there are always benefits. Of course, the more work the deeper the results are because the body carries memory of past health issues and toxins, which you reach in the Deep Tissue Cleansing Programs. 


Everyone's first step however, is prep work using herbs & teas to mildly start to cleanse and prepare the different elimination systems before you begin Juice Fasting. This is a very important stage because once you start Juice Fasting, toxins & waste will flow out of your body and the elimination systems must be able to handle these toxins .  Herbal tinctures, cleansing teas & bowel cleansers are used to assist in the process through the elimination organs, the colon, kidneys, bladder, liver, gallbladder, skin & lymph, making the cleanse a deeper, more successful and comfortable experience. 


Our relationship with our food and our environment have changed considerably since our ancestors. We are exposed to many pollutants which did not even exist a hundred years ago. That is why cleansing is even more important in our world today. Tribal peoples used their purification time for body, mind & spirit balancing which was very sacred to them and the same is done today. This is also the time to reconnect back to nature your environment



Even though we are not in a tribal setting the Juice Fast gives you time off, out of your normal environment to reconnect to the Body, Mind & Spirit. This can also be a time to consider issues that can cause health concerns like smoking or drinking, weight loss or weight gain, and emotional issues that need to be released. This is not only a very powerful cleansing time but also a very personal time, for giving to yourself. It is important to respect the process of the Juice Fast, so it is advisable to arrange this time for yourself with a more relaxed schedule. The basis for all healing is cleansing...The Body Mind & Spirit.

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