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Concepts of EFT and EmoTrance

All energy based meridian therapies rest on what Gary Craig calls “The Discovery Statement”:


The Cause OF ALL Negative Emotions Is A Disruption In The Bodies Energy System.

It used to be held in psychotherapy that a negative emotion was caused by negative or traumatic memory or event. Every time this memory was accessed or “lit up” as a result of a thought or and environmental reminder of some kind, the negative emotion was experienced.

“Memory….Negative Emotion” in a simple “Cause….Effect” relationship.

Dr Callahan on the other hand, discovered that there was a step in between the memory/thought and the negative emotion, and this was a disruption in the smooth flowing of the energy through the meridians. So instead of the memory or thought causing the negative emotion, according to the discovery statement, the process is more like this:

A Thought or Memory Triggers A Disruption in the Body’s Energy System


Which is experienced as:


Physical or Psychological Pain

All this research lead to the important discovery or conclusion that:


“All negative emotions arise from a disturbance or blockage in our body’s energy system”

EFT is now practiced internationally with practitioners including M.D.s, Nurses, Emergency Services and personal use.

EFT uses  a pattern of tapping sequences on the meridians of the body, that can release energy blockages that cause negative emotions.

Dr. Silvia Hartmann originator of EmoTrance, “In 2002 I had an instant insight into the relationship between the energy body, emotions and the physical body—namely, that, ALL emotions are nothing more (and certainly, nothing less!) than simply feedback devices to alert us to the existing conditions in the energy body, just the same as physical pain is nothing more (and certainly not less!) than a feedback device to alert us to existing conditions in the physical body.”

“It is well know that repeatedly experiencing the same strong emotions has a very direct correlation to the onset of physiological symptom and this was the bridge I used in the system I called EmoTrance in order to show and demonstrate clearly to everyone concerned just exactly “where” in a persons body the disturbances occur at the energetic level.”

With both EmoTrance and EFT you are moving stuck energy in your body that can cause unwellness on many levels. These blocks can happen any time during your life and can remain there for years.

EmoTrance works to re-establish the energy flow. First by identifying the individuals pathways for their energy to flow where it has been stuck., held on to or deflected out. Secondly softening and releasing the old energy blockages. Third to repair channels and networks of the energy body to enable these areas once again to flow through the body system.

"A simple example would be like this, Someone is told unexpectedly, “You are Fired!” and they will report that it felt as though they had been punched in the stomach.” This is a real disruption in the energy field. The physical tells us where in the body. The practitioner asks you to place your hands on the area which can hold bereavement, anger, pain or whatever the label is that is causing the problem. The energy block is then allowed to soften and Flow! Which is only Natural.

“Balancing the energy system while being tuned to the emotional issue or physical 

problem is an extraordinary healing technique deserving of the Nobel Prize”

Fred Gallo PhD, American Psychologist.

Emotrance and how it works

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