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Divine Empowerment

Divine Empowerment was created and continues to be developed by Antonia Harman who is a renowned healer and teacher (see her website for more details As a child Antonia was intuitive and psychic, however she never really explored those gifts until 2007 when everything changed. While walking with her friend Lucie. Lucie collapsed in the street in severe pain from her burst eardrum and was waiting for surgery. Antonia placed her hands on Lucie's ears and began intuitively pulling out blocked energy. Lucie's earache instantly vanished and the pain never returned. She never needed the surgery either.


At that moment Antonia had an epiphany because she realised there was more to healing than modern medicine and started her journey to explore the world of energy healing. Through decades of working in trance states (deep meditation) accruing wisdom and healing abilities straight from the universe. Antonia believes we all have these abilities to heal and we are really gods and goddesses with amnesia. Now she has her international school which is online to teach the skills she has developed over the years where a multitude of emotional and physical are released.



What happens during a session is what is called frequency healing that dissolves the stagnated emotions that have created the trauma/distortions in the your body, on an emotional and physical levels. Each session is unique to the individual and a free 15 minute consultation is suggested  for any questions, meet each other and discuss the area the client would like to focus on.


Emotions are energy, for example when you are around someone that can make you feel sad or happy. These memories are energy and they set in your body and can be triggered. Emotional cellular memory. Like depression which is layer after layer of stagnated anger. You are recalibrating yourself back to your divine self using frequency healing through Divine Empowerment.


During a session the client can be running their own movie in their mind of a trauma or event that they want to clear and bring up all the emotions. The practitioner will run the frequencies to clear the distortion that keep us trapped. Once it clears there will be a feeling of peace a stillness. You know certain things or issues happened however now the triggers and emotion have been removed and all you have left is the wisdom.There is no longer an attachment to the situations. Liberation from the emotions that are always running your outlook on life. 


Sessions can easily be done via zoom so it doesn’t matter in which country or time zone you are living in.

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