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Nutritional Support

A large percentage of our well being and wellness is reflected by the foods we eat and our relationship to our foods. Where and how our foods were grown is paramount. How we prepare our foods is crucial! The major dis-eases like: colon cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity are primary killers in modern countries. Much of the "civilized" world's health issues exist because we have forgotten and misunderstood that our foods are our medicine.


It takes a lot to make the body ill and it is very simple to keep the body well. Our nutrition is the foundation on which we build a healthy body.

Some people believe that being healthy is boring or too much work, that they will have to sacrifice and have a restrictive lifestyles; this is unfounded. On the contrary you gain so much more in all aspects of your life when you nourish the body.


Nor is this about calorie counting... forget all of that! Understanding what the body needs to stay well and live long & healthy is where the focus needs to be. There is a huge difference between whole food and play food (processed).


The knowledge of how to keep ourselves healthy has been eroded by commercialized foods and the loss of accurate information. So during all consultations the area of nutrition will play a major role no matter what the goal or purpose is.

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